Fuzzy Animal Hats . com sells good looking, unique, attention getting, well crafted, faux fur canine & wild animal hats.

Although our hats closely resemble the animals they depict, no  animal products are used in their construction. Faux fur is a synthetic, man-made material.

We handle the follow:

  Bear hats           Bison hats          Brown bear hats       Buffalo hats
  Lion hats            Skunk hats        Elephant hats            Golden Retreiver hats
  Tiger hats          Moose hats        Cougar hats               St Bernard dog hats
  Orca hats           Mascot hats      Raccoon hats             Gorilla Hats
  Wolf hats           Cougar hats      Horse hats                  Polar Bear hats
  Ape hats             Dog hats            Boxer Dog hats          Black Bear hats
  Fox hats             Husky hats        Monkey hats               Boxer Dog Hats
One size fits most all.
All hats are constructed with an expandable, elastic head band that allows it to fit most head sizes, ages 6 and up. Additional stiches may be necessary for small children.

These hats are popular to be used for:

 * Event & party planners                      * Weddings
 * Dog and animal lovers                        * School Activities
 * Theatrical props & costumes            * Classroom Aids
 * Wakes                                                   * Attention Getters
 * Group & team spirit projects            * Conventions
 * Humor enlightiners                             * Halloween & other event Costumes
 * Spirit builder building                         * Hat Day Hatday

 * Reunions: Family, High School, College, University, Military and more..
 * Ice breakers, to spur social interactions at any event or special occasion
 * Walking, Jogging, Bike riding and just hanging
 * Celibrations of all nature - Tailgates to "Black Tie" formals.
 * Mascots of University, College, high school sports, social,  recreational &   work
 * Party gift / gifts for birthday, anniversary, retirement, graduations 
 * Mother's & father's day and other major holidays
 * Pepper-upper for illiness, injury, chemotherapy patients and other sickness
 * Boy, Girl & Cub Scout meetings and campouts
 * Meetings:business, family, neighborhood & friend

And the list goes on....

Also, it's good to have some tucked away for the unexpected "cheer them up" situations.

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